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Delivery and Pick Up

Before any piece of furniture leaves our store, it is carefully inspected to make certain that it meets the high standards that our customers hold for any of the products that they purchase from us. We want to make sure that your new furniture will look just the way you had envisioned it would whenever it reaches your home.

At DuBois Furniture, we know that for the normal person, the hauling, moving, and assembling of furniture can be a monumental, if not impossible, task. That's why we encourage you to allow our experienced delivery team to bring your new furniture to you, set it up in your home, according to your specifications, and haul off your old furniture for disposal.

For the most part, furniture is very fragile, and large, bulky items are often difficult to load and unload and then maneuver through doorways, around tight corners, and up and down staircases. Let us handle the liability, stress, and worry of hauling and setting up your new furniture. All members of our expert delivery team are bonded, insured, and ready to do their part to help you make your home look as beautiful as you've always dreamed it could be.

Our Expert Delivery Team Will:
  • Carefully open and inspect all merchandise before delivery.
  • Take on the liability of transporting your furniture.
  • Place the furniture in your room, according to your specifications.
  • Respect your home while they are there.
  • Haul off your old furniture for disposal.
  • Do their part to ensure that you are satisfied.

Customers Who Choose to Pick Up Their Furniture Should:
  • Call ahead to schedule a pick up time.
  • Be aware that all furniture is uncrated ahead of time for inspection.
  • Bring blankets to protect the furniture during transit.
  • Bring straps or rope to secure the furniture for transit.
  • Be aware that our warehouse staff will gladly assist you in the loading process but are not responsible for securing the merchandise or any damage or injury that may occur to the merchandise, the Customer, or the Customer’s vehicle.